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Between The Devil...Tour 2004

Statement zur Tour von Douglas McCarthy


I just want to thank everyone who was able to make it to a show in the US or Europe the shows we were able to actually do were great for both myself and terence and we very much appreciate everyone's support.

however, there were definitely some problems along the way so i want to clarify events from our point of view.

NYC - a fire marshal of NYC came down to ROTHKO the weekend before our 2 scheduled shows there and shut the venue down. he told the club that he would come back on wednesday to re-open, but in fact came back and told them that the club would not be allowed to open for at least another week. so then the owner, and our agent tried solidly all day for what remained of wednesday and thursday to find an alternative venue. the only one they could get was sin-é. we had hoped to play both nights there, but after the first night we were told that we play too loud and they were fearful of getting themselves shut down too. so we were forced to abandon the second night because we literally had no where to go. now i cannot agree that we lacked organisational skills as Yaniv Levy says in his guest book entry. we were the victim of an incredibly bureaucratic system - this is a city where any venue that doesn't have a "cabaret licence" is found by the police to have people dancing in it, they will shut the place down. we are very sorry for the end result and can only promise to be back. and Yanvi, you never know, Nitzer Ebb played two shows in Tel Aviv in 1989 at the height of the first intafarda and the weekend after the US shot down an Iranian airbus, so i'm not averse to playing Israel.

OSLO + VIENNA - we have to take the advice of promoters when it comes to venues and/or territories we cannot possibly know first hand as a new act trying to do shows in the alternative scene in europe (i make this distinction of scenes because terence is very knowledgeable about the techno party scene). based on this we were not even advised, we were told by the respective promoters in OSLO and VIENNA that the shows were not going ahead. it is very important to us that we do not let people down, but we are not yet in a position of power where by we can command enough clout to force situations. the fledgling Nitzer Ebb were, and every other band starting out is, in a precarious situation when putting together first tours with promoters who in most cases will lose money. the trick is to convince them that it's a worthwhile investment, and that they will make money next time. thank fully that was the situation every where we were able to play. made possible by us playing a professional show and you guys, the audience, being amazingly receptive. it is extremely regretful that we were not able to do this in OSLO and VIENNA. sorry for the inconvenience especially for you neil james smith.

yours sincerely

Douglas McCarthy

November 2004



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