Fixmer/McCarthy Discography


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  Destroy / Freefall
    Planete Rouge PLR 03 002


A1: Destroy
A2: Freefall

the first Fixmer/McCarthy Release

Releasedate 8 December 2003

released only as limited double A-side 12" Vinyl

  Freefall (The Remixes)
    Planete Rouge PLR 04 002


A1: Freefall (The Hacker Remix)
B1: Freefall (Covenant Remix)

Releasedate 4 October 2004

released only on 12" Vinyl

  Freefall / Through A Screen (The Remixes) Special DJ Edition
    SPV 80000694


Freefall (Remix By Covenant)
Freefall (Remix By The Hacker)
Freefall (Album Version)
Through A Screen (GSP Version By VNV Nation)
Through A Screen (Album Version)
appears only as Promo Compact Disc

except the VNV Nation Remix of Through A Screen, all tracks on this CD appeared as official Releases

  You Want It
    Planete Rouge PLR 06 001


A1: You Want It (Dave Clarke Remix)
B1: Come Inside (Christopher Kah Remix)

Release date June 20, 2005

the finale Release from Between The Devil...

released only on 12" Vinyl

YOU WANT IT: Smashing remix from one of the best remixer Dave Clarke who turns the track You want it in a new devilish explosive mix. Do the dancefloor will resist on it? no chance...

COME INSIDE: Rework of the new french talent Christopher Kah, he expresses the track in a new electro dancefloor burning tune

  And Then Finally / Look To Me
    Planete Rouge PLR 06 001 


AA: And Then Finally
AA: Look To Me

Release date March 3rd , 2006

will appears on 12" Vinyl only

AND THEN FINALLY: the "love side", is where "And Then Finally" leads the way to the future of mainstream! Sounding like the love child of depeche mode and nitzer ebb this track slips into your mind and stays there.

LOOK TO ME: the "war side" finds fm doing what they are known for best. "Look To Me" has all the familiar power, pressure, tension and rage that has already taken douglas and terence stomping all over dancefloors around the world but with a new demonic twist that gets the crowd chanting and singing along maniacally leaving them breathless.

  Between The Devil
    SPV 085-63742 / MET 328


Come Inside
Through A Screen
By Any Other Name
You Don't Know Me
Tight Fit
Nut Split
You Want It
*Freefall - The Hacker Remix

*appears only on japanese CD Release

european Releasedate 28 June / 13 September 2004
american Releasedate 13 July 2004

  Into The Night

  Intro The Night
Like Voodoo
Banging Down Your Door
Love The Night
Look To Me
And Then Finally
Blood And Music
Pistol Whipper
A Great And Distant Silence
Tonight I Sleep
Hate Me
Trans European
Make War
Tonight I Sleep (Original Version)

Releasedate May, 28 2008

(P) 2008 Planete Rouge Records
Under exclusive Licence To Citizien Records

(C) 2008 Planete Rouge Records

Front Cover illustration by Sarah i Jonafonî Ross
Artwork by Douglas McCarthy
Photography by Polly Tootal
CD & Assembly by T.Further

  Look To Me / And Then Finally (Remixes)
    PLR 80 001


A1: Look To Me (Xenia Beliayeva Remix)
B1: Look To Me (Xenia Beliayeva Remix Instrumental)
B2: And Then Finally (Kiko Remix)

Releasedate: September 2004

12" Vinyl