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this is the official website for Fixmer/McCarthy. To get in touch with the site's webmaster please fill out the contact form on the the official nitzer ebb website at or use the message link on the official Myspace site for Fixmer/McCarthy.


Copyright Notes:

The FM logo has been created by and for Fixmer/McCarthy and has been deposit as Trademark. The owner of the registered trademark might commence legal proceedings for trademark infringement to prevent unauthorized use of that trademark.

Original image of the illustration used on the cover of Into The Night was taken by berlin based photographer Werner Amann.



Note: Please do not send inquiries with the following contents:
  Will play F/M a show in my city or are any shows planned in my proximity?
  All confirmed show dates are on the website. Isn’t your city listed at the live dates site, thus no concert takes place there.
  Any chance to get a backstage passes or photo passes for F/M shows?
  This enquiry has to be made to Peddy or Citizen Records >> more

Please send this to Douglas or Terence or it is possible to get in touch with the band?


Yes, it’s the F/M official website, but no emails are passed on to the band members. To get in touch with the band members please try it on their personal myspace sites. >> more


Inquiries with contents stated above are not considered! However references, informations and improvements concerning the website's content or about Fixmer/McCarthy are glady taken - ever!

Thanks in advance!


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