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December 23
SAW V Soundtrack feat. Fixmer/McCarthy



The SAW V Soundtrack: Music From And Inspired By contains among other bands and artists, Fixmer/McCarthy's "Blood And Music". Releasedate was November 28th on SPV / Synthetic Symphony.

    DJ-Gig Budapest cancelled

Unfortunately Douglas' Budapest DJ-Gig had to be cancelled for organizational reasons. The event shall be made up at a later time.

    New Terence Solo Album

Terence new solo album named "Fiction Fiction" and will come out on march 02, 2009 on Modulor. More info on terence's personal website at

December 12
DJ Douglas McCarthy



The first european DJ-Set by Douglas will be take place in Budapest / Hungary on december 31st. All relevant gig information will be online soon. Short before another DJ-Set in Los Angeles at Das Bunker on december 19th. The party called History of Industrial Music.

October 31
FM Tokyo Show for free



Terence and Douglas are playing in Tokyo on November 7th, 2008. It's an invitation only event. Note: the venue is very small, it's free of course, but very limited! FM is playing at the after show party of the Raf Simons store
opening. The club is open for all people at 12.00.
Show details: November 7th, 2008
FIXMER/McCARTHY live at Le Baron, Aoyama Tokyo
Free gig, reservation necessary.
Reservations need to be made before Monday November 3rd.

October 17
Murderous Halloween Nite



Another DJ-Gig by Douglas McCarthy will be take place on October 31st in Mexico City again. The event called Murderous Halloween Nite. Here all relevant facts:
Douglas McCarthy and Hazel Hill
DJ Gig October 31st
Pasaje America
Calle 5 De Mayo No. 7 Centro, Mexico, DF
Doors: 23:00

August 05
New 12" Remixes



There's a new twelve inch remix vinyl by fixmer/mccarthy ready to release. The 12" contains remixes of and then finally and look to me. Remixers are Xenia Beliayeva and Kiko. More Details HERE.

August 05
Douglas' first DJ Gig - new date!



Update 19.08.2008
please note, the date has moved from august 28th to august 30th!

Douglas' first DJ gig ever will take place in Mexico City on August 28th, 2008 at Pasaje Americas. Have much fun there while Doug's playing his set of good music!
Here are all facts you need:
Date: August 28, 2008
Venue: Pasaje Americas
Address: 5 de mayo No. 7 Downtown
Cost: $100 MX pesos
Time: 9:00 pm

July 28
FM booking for spain



Please send booking requests for FM live shows in spain to the new address as stated below:

Find all significant FM live booking addresses: HERE

July 03
FM at berlin's popkomm festival



Electronic Body Music and Industrial, Synth Pop and Electro-Pop: details of the first Popkomm Festival showcase have now been finalised, promising a long night of energy-laden and synthesized sounds. A number of bands from an electro-scene that incorporates many different styles, some well-established and others still on the way up, have been announced for the "Advanced Electronics Festival" on Thursday, 9 October 2008, at Berlin’s Kulturbrauerei.

Fixmer/McCarthy, Mesh, Sono, Solar Fake, Santa Hates You and Akanoid will all be appearing at the venue known as the Kesselhaus, at the Kulturbrauerei.

Please check dates site for more details like venue website and ticket links.

June 15
New live date and booking address



Fixmer/McCarthy will be performing at this year's Das Boot Festival at Forbraendingen in Albertslund / Denmark on September 5th. Please check dates site for more details like venue website and ticket links.

The new booking address for the techno scene is:

June 15
New Terence Fixmer Interview



Fixmer & McCarthy are back with the their second album Into the Night. Terence Fixmer spoke about his involvement in the Nitzer Ebb reunion and the difficulties recording an album living two continents apart.

Thanks To Stefan for the interview!

Read the complete interview: here

May 23
F/M Date confirmed for vienna



Fixmer/McCarthy will play at the Viper Room in Vienna and introduce their new Album Into The Night. Please check dates site for more details like venue website and ticket links.

May 22
Fixmer/McCarthy Cover Story at Synthetics Magazin



The german Synthetics Magazin appears with an F/M Coverstory and a four site's interview with douglas and terence inside. Available as from june 5, 2008 at your local magazine shop in germany as well as at

May 20
Show cancelled



Unfortunately the F/M show this Friday in Bochum / Matrix must be moved to for organizational reasons. A new appointment will be announced.


May 18
Fixmer/McCarthy Cover Story at Sonic Seducer



The german electro and gothic magazine Sonic Seducer appears with a Fixmer/McCarthy cover story in june issue of the magazine. Next to an interview with Douglas and Terence the magazine contains a CD with, among other artists, the exclusive Xenia Belyeva Remix of Look To Me. The issue is available now!

More info:

May 07
Into The Night Release Date



The new FM album will be released in europe on may 23, 2008 and will be available on may 27, 2008 worldwide! More information on FM's SPV label site as well as on promo site for the new into the night album.

Into The Night Promotion Site

FM goes to spain again and performing there a show at the mill club valencia on june 20th, 2008. View dates site for more details like venue website and ticket links.

April 23
F/M at the Gothic Festival



Fixmer/McCarthy will be performing at this year's Gothic Festival in Waregem / Belgium. The Band will perform on July 25th. Please check dates site for more details like venue website and ticket links.

April 05  
F/M live in Geneva



There's a further confirmed FM Live date for you: Geneva, Switzerland on may 09! See dates site for more details like venue website and ticket links.

April 05  
Into The Night Promotion Site and new live date



To promote the new Fixmer/McCarthy Album Into The Night Citizien Records has launched a promotion site with all details like tracklisting, samples, photos, infos, goodies and artwork.

Into The Night promotion site


A new date is confirmed on July 3rd at La Locomotive, Paris. Beside FM are Front242 and Neon Electronics on Stage. Please go to dates site for more details like venue website and ticket links.


March 31  
F/M live at Stockholm University



FM will be playing at the Stockholm University on May 24th in order to introduce their new Album. See dates for more details like venue website and ticket links.

March 13  
Into The Night Update



The new Fixmer/McCarthy album will be worldwide released on SPV, except France and Japan on Citizen records as it was announced! New show dates for munich and bochum (both germany) were confirmed. Please check dates site for more details like venue website and ticket links.

March 05  
Into The Night News and F/M live date



The new Fixmer/McCarthy album will come out in may 2008 and called Into The Night. The Label will be Citizen Records, the french label of artist Vitalic! More info soon.


    FM are confirmed for this year's Einhoven based Extrema Outdoor Festival. That Festival will take place on July 19th, 2008. Please check dates site for more details like festival website and ticket links.
Februar 23  
F/M live in Germany



There's a new confirmed FM Live date for you: Loft Club, March 29, Ludwigshafen, Germany. See dates for more details like venue website and ticket links. Further dates are possible!

Februar 02  
F/M at the Nocturnal Culture Night Festival



The FM date for this year's Nocturnal Culture Night festival at culture park deutzen, germany is confirmed now. The boys will be on stage on september 05, 2008, the first festival day. The Running order is not tightly yet, but current information always up to date on festival's website as well as the festival MySpace!

Festival MySpace

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