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November 23



Just confirmed a few minutes ago: the first live show for 2008! FM will be on stage at the Nocturnal Culture Night 2008. The festival will take place in Deutzen / Germany on September 5th to September 7th. The exact appointment will be announced closer to the date. More informations on the official Nocturnal Culture Night 2008 website.

November 17



The BIM festival is getting closer. The Festival makers promote every band by interviewing them. The questions about FM are answered by douglas. The festival take place on december 22nd in Antwerp, Belgium at Hof Ter Lo.

August 04



Please visit media section for more 2007 live impressions. Find there pics from FM show at the dark omen III festival in paris on july 20th.

Thanks to Franck!

June 27



Please visit shout! online for F/M photo reports made in Leipzig, Germany. All pics are taken during this year's wave gotik treffen. Find there pics from F/M autograph session at cinestar and live performance at the kohlrabizirkus. 

Thanks to Alex!

Report#1: Autograph Session
Report#2: Live at Wave Gotik Treffen 2007

June 16



Two new show dates were confirmed. FM will play at K17 Club Berlin and Antwerp's Hof Ter Lo. More informations and weblinks at live dates section. More dates planned!

May 30



Please visit media section for first 2007 live impressions. There you can find pics from FM show at the being boiled party in london on may 08th and the "look to me" live performance appears as video too.

May 23



A further US Date were confirmed: FM will play a show at the Shelter Nightclub in Denver on June 5th. More informations and weblink at the live dates section.

April 29



FM will play at this year's Wave Gotik Treffen on Monday, May 28th. Two new show dates are confirmed too: see the boys on stage at the Dour Festival and in Dijon / France on May 05. All further details at the dates section or on official FM myspace site!

April 22



Three new shows were added to FM live dates schedule for this year. Douglas and Terence will be on Stage in Los Angeles, Austin and at the Monegros Desert Festival. More informations about the dates at the live dates section.

April 10



FM will be on stage at the notting hill arts club in London. the show will take place on May 8th at the being boiled party. Being Boiled invites you to a night of pure electronica presented by Karl Bartos favoured band Client. Old school and new pure electro wrapped into a lot of kinky uniforms, Eastern European influences and stiletto action.

January 24



The FM show in Zaragoza on february 2nd take place at the Colisseum. Find more new FM dates at the dates section!

January 19



Douglas go to france next week and record and re-record some FM tracks with terence, and then they have an FM show in zaragoza, spain, on february 2nd. After that they will go to berlin to mix the album. FM do not have a definite release date yet!

Get more information for Zaragoza date as soon as possible!

January 01



The webmaster wishes all fans, friends and supporters a happy new year and hopefully a new album by FM as well as some live shows all around the world! Stay tuned for more informations.

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