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December 23



fixmermccarthy dot com wishes a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2006 to all fans, friends and supporters. The last FM show for this year will be on stage in Girona / Spain tonight.

Due to an bad command error on the mail server the email address was unobtainably. The fault was found and repaired. The address is accomplishable again.

November 28



There is the last F/M show of the year in Girona, Spain 23rd December. View Live Dates Schedule for more information and related weblink!

F/M will release the vinyl hopefully february/march next year. It will be two new tracks "And Then Finally" which has never been played live and "Look To Me" which has been played live at most F/M shows this year.

There will also be a special 10 year anniversary CD release by german electro magazine Sonic seducer and one or two of the above tracks will appear on that. More Infos soon.

November 21



View more live video footage from the Advanced Electronics Festival Show in Dresden online in the media section now. The Videos of Nitzer Ebb Songs performed live by F/M you'll find on the official Nitzer Ebb website Please go on german issue of this website. Find the stuff under the video link.

November 12



At the media section you will find new video footage. Now added the Freefall Video filmed during Advanced Electronics Festival 2005 in Dresden. More F/M Live Footage follows asap!

Thanks to Kay for his support!

October 26



FM will play three shows in Brazil. The dates are confirmed now for Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. View Live Dates Schedule for more informations and related weblinks!

October 17



The winners of the free tickets for the Advanced Electronics Festivals were drawn lots for. Congratulations to the winners and many thanks for the numerous participation. Don't be sad if you haven't won, but look forward to new competitions on this website in the near future.

Thanks to Eric Burton of Hardbeat Promotion!

October 06



a new confirming show date to see FM live: Einhoven / Club Effennar with Das Ich, PTYL, The Invincible Spirit, Psyche. View Dates Section for more informations and related weblinks.

The November issue of german electro music magazine Sonic Seducer will appear with a 16-sided title story: Depeche Mode vs. Fixmer/McCarthy, the summit meeting: exclusive double interview of the two electro icons over old times, God and the world as well as the worldwide only Photo session! The issue is published on October 18th. More information soon under Advance orders already possible.

Many thanks to Jörn Karstedt of the Sonic Seducer for the information & pictures!

September 24



F/M will finish the recording of the next album this month they hope. Then they will mix very soon to be able to release by march next year. But F/M will also release a very limited vinyl 12" of 2 new songs. These will not be the same as the final mixes on the album but F/M want to get a reaction in the clubs to where they have taken F/M since 'between the devil...'

September 17



Further shows are confirmed. CheckLive Dates Schedule for more informations and related weblinks.

September 23, Lisbon, Club Lua, Supersonic Festival
September 24, Den Haag, Festival for Art, Music & Technology
October 27, Amsterdam, Club 11, with Dave Clarke
November 22, Gent, Flanders Expo - I Love Techno Festival

September 09



a new very late confirming show date to see FM live:

Saturday 10th September 2005

Parque del Piles

Avda. José García Bernardo, 3 - Gijón (Asturias)

Note: Change of the accommodation address!
the contact e-mail address for the alternative scene booking was changed. Please use the given new address in the booking section. The address data for techno scene booking are unchanged.

August 27



FM will play two shows at this year's Advanced Electronics Festival. In the context of this Festival FM will play in Dresden and in Krefeld as well. The show dates schedule were updated. You can view the Running order in the forum.

In the november issue of german electro magazine Sonic Seducer there will be a 10 page cover story - Douglas McCarthy interviews Depeche Mode DM v FM. It is an exclusive interview. More to come.

August 10



Another Show Date is confirmed. F/M will enter the stage in Zurich on October 1st. The show dates schedule were updated.

August 06



Douglas tore the ligaments in his left ankle while on stage at Nandrin Festival in Liege on friday. He continued with the show and was taken to hospital as soon as he came off stage. He is not supposed to walk for 6 weeks but he will of course! Douglas thanks everyone in the audience at nandrin and he apologise if he made any mistakes but he was distracted by the great pain in his ankle.

Good Recovery Doug!!

Referring to the News from July 13 (see below) there are further informations about the "Between The Devil And The Wide Blue Sea" Film which will be introduced  at the 58th International Film Festival in Locarno.

July 23



The new discussion forum is online now. please feel free to register and join in the F/M community.  Find the link also in the community section on this website!

July 13



See F/M in a new film on screen at the cinema. Please read the facts below. More news about the film hopefully soon:


A film by Romuald Karmakar!

The film will have his premiere at this year's 58th International Film Festival in Locarno (Switzerland). The festival takes place from 3th till 13th of august.


Live acts of bands from the international electronic music scene. In plansequences the film shows – without interviews or commentary – diverse strategies of presentation of computerbased music in the season 2004/05. An ethnographic view on European subculture that has turned into an international subsystem.


Alter Ego, Captain Comatose, Cobra Killer, Fixmer/McCarthy, Lotterboys, Tarwater, T.Raumschmiere, Rechenzentrum, Xlover


Director, Camera: Romuald Karmakar
Sound: Hirbod Aminlari
Editior: Robert Thomann, Uwe Klimmeck, Patricia Rommel
Production Company: Pantera Film GmbH, Berlin
Germany, 2005, 90 min, ratio: 4:3, color, Stereo

July 11



F/M are going to headline the "Zwaartwerk Festival" in Beernem / Belgium, which is going to take place on October 15th, 2005. For further Informations please check out the dates section.

July 06



Get your chance to win Free Tickets for the F/M Show this Saturday at Berlin's Now Urban Festival 2005. Please write only to .... and you'll take part in the draw! The draw ends Friday, July 8th at 12:00 noon! The winners will be informed. Good Luck! Process of law is excluded.

Thanks to Markus from Now Urban Team Berlin!

June 22


  Now available: the final release from the Between The Devil...: YOU WANT IT!! Visit discography for all informations about the release!
June 13



A new Show Date has been confirmed: Berlin, Now Urban Culture Festival 05! See live dates schedule at dates section for more or on the official festival website!

June 09



Sadly Este Festival (F/M Date July 8) are having some problems and are having to cut back on the amount of the bands playing and Fixmer/McCarthy have been cancelled. The date was taken out from the F/M Live Dates Schedule.

Note: new release date for the "You Want It" Vinyl June 20!!

June 05



Some Woodstage Festival Informations for you: F/M plays on Indoor Stage at the time 19:00 - 19:40! Get your own F/M Autograph at the Autograph Hour on Stand 1 at the time 20:30 - 21.30.

June 02



Welcome on Version 2.

Please bookmark this site with only! The content on is accomplishable not any longer! It serves only as passing to the new server. Please update your websites! Thank You and now take much pleasure in the new FM Website!

May 25



ome informations for you for London Show at the Garage on May 29: buy your tickets online here (it's also cheaper too): (poppex)

Get Event Informations also on

Here are some more confirmed F/M shows: Valencia, Este Festival and Nandrin Festival in Belgium. View Dates Section for all informations.

May 12



The final release from "Between The Devil..." album is now ready for an release on June 7th. This issue only appears on 12" Vynil and will be released on Planete Rouge Rec. It contains the Dave Clarke Remix from "You Want It" and the "Come Inside" rework of the new french talent Christopher Kah.

May 08



The complete F.I.E.S.T.A. Festival in Gava was cancelled. The date was taken out from the FM Live Dates Schedule.

April 28



F/M are confirmed for Groove Parade Monegros Desert Festival again this year on July 16th! View dates section for more!

F/M have been working hard on the album and after Chicago, Paris and Gothenburg Douglas and Terence will be back in the studio to try to complete the initial recording of all the tracks... 13 they hope.

To the guys from Bordeaux (they know who is meant): San Sebastian was great with some superb fans in attendance from Bordeaux...really nice guys who Douglas talked to after the show. Say Hallo to Bordeaux....

April 21



The next festival show date for F/M this year is confirmed for July 22nd at F.I.E.S.T.A. Festival in Gava (near Barcelona) - Spain! More Infos soon!

April 10



Two new live dates are confirmed now. F/M plays 2 Shows in London, but the second date at Nag Nag Nag will be a very short show. Only twenty minutes!! See Dates section for more.

Important: the details of Chicago Show changed! The Venue is Green Dolphin Street.

Website: view the promotional and live pics from F/M in larger size too. The media section were updated now!

March 26



The F/M live activities for this year starting tonight in Fraga at the Florida135 Club.

March 09



Dave Clarke has finished the remix of the track You Want It from the Album Between The Devil...One word: Smashing!!! Release date during May on Planete Rouge rec. dist Neuton.

February 24



more F/M Shows are confirmed. Also in your area. See dates section for all new dates!

February 22



The first F/M UK Show is confirmed now. See the Headliner show in Bradford at Infest Festival. More info in the dates section.

February 17



A new show for summer 05 is confirmed. F/M rocks this year's Woodstage Festival in Dresden. For more information please visit the dates section.

January 18



Douglas and Terence are currently working on new tracks for the next F/M album. It's going very well, and although there are no finished tracks yet. F/M are planning on getting everything finished in time for a release in autumn 2005. So there is definitely a possibility of debuting some of the tracks live before then.

F/M are currently discussing some more north american shows in march / april time, as well as some additional european shows before the SAMA gig in may. As soon as there are any confirmations you will know it first on

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