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December 21



The draw is finished now. Many thanks for the numerous participation. The winners were determined and are informed. You'll find now the news summary of 2004 in the archives in the media section. Also next year you can be pleased about F/M activities in every respect. Experience everything first on this website.

December 17



the competition above ends in three days....the first F/M live show for 2005 is confirmed: SAMA 2005 (Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards) note: the tickets are limited and now on sale!

December 07



short term Live Date for F/M: F/M plays live tonight at Winter Groove III Venue : Florida 135 in Fraga, Spain - Start: 23:30 h

Please excuse the late news update. On the basis of a problem with the email communication the information above could not be announced earlier.

November 30



please click on the banner above to get your chance to win rare F/M stuff! Good luck!

For the vynil collectors and of course all others : find the F/M lyrics in the media section now!

November 24



The december issue of german's electro magazine sonic seducer contains a video CD with the Destroy video on it, filmed live at this year's M'era Luna festival.

View all the F/M Live Videos in the Media Section now!!

November 15



The "Between The Devil Tour 2004" is finished now. Please read the Statement about the tour by Douglas McCarthy! <<< The Statement >>>

Short Video Cut Outs from one of the concerts you will find soon on this website. You will already find some snapshots of the video in the media section.

preview: a draw of F/M giveaways (Vinyl, Shirts) will take place in December.

November 08



Sorry, but the F/M Vienna Show on November 9th at Planet Music is cancelled! Get your money back for ticket where you've buyed the ticket! Excuse please for arising trouble!

A good chance to win tickets for the F/M Berlin Show at Kato including a autographed CD's from F/M you've here:

Good luck and many thanks to Petra!

October 30



Have you an interest to inform other people about your FM Show experiences? So make it simple on that way. Write down your live impressions from your Fixmer/McCarthy Show in the now opened new thread in the F/M Community Board!!

Sorry for unexpected NYC trouble. The ROTHKO club has been closed by the fire marshal and there are police outside the venue to make sure no one gets in!! FM dot com doesn't have further informations about the topic at the moment. The next US dates aren't affected:

FM Tonight Show at Club Elysium, Austin!

The next dates for FM Live:

Sunday, October 31 Studio Z, San Francisco
Monday, November 1 Knitting Factory, Los Angeles!

October 29



Attention: Venue Chance for New York
The FM on stage in this club:

NEW YORK, NY 10002


October 21



the new F/M release Freefall (The Remixe) is now available. The Remixes will be only appears on Vynil! The Discography Section were updated.

October 15



F/M also play a show in Norway. The date for Oslo was missing in the Tour 04 schedule. For Details check Dates Section. The Tour Dates now updated and exactly.

September 20



A new F/M show confirmed: San Francisco / United States. Please check Dates Section for Details and Tickets!

the community board is now online. Find the forum link in the media section!

September 03



update: Media Section - Miscellaneous - the wallpapers and designs are available now!

August 31



New Live Dates now confirmed, also for the US. Please check the Dates Section for all Details! Please check FM dot com again for more live date updates.

Between the Devil... is N°1 this week at DAC (german alternativ charts). The Album and the Freefall Club EP aren't listed in the charts any more. They were represented for 8 weeks and this is the highest residence time for DAC.

Douglas' "personal high 5" from the DAC you'll find at the end of this charts list.

September 8th, Wednesday: Swedish Radio P3 broadcasting the Fixmer & McCarthy Show from the Arvika Festival. The time is 21.03-22.00.

Thanks to Stefan from Zero for that information!

Note: You will be able to listen to the broadcast at swedish radios website! Either direct or the days after. If you listen direct you go to, then to webbradio, klick P3, at the time when the broadcast is. If you listen the days after, you go to, klick on P3, and then music, P3 live. There you will find the concert the day after.

August 30



A further F/M Release will appear on september 20th:

The Freefall Remixes by The Hacker and Covenant on vynil on Planete Rouge Rec.

The Freefall Remixes are not planed yet to be released on CD. Only the Hacker Remix will be present on the full album on the Japan Edition as a bonus track.

The next F/M Live Date will be again in Madrid. Please check the dates section for more Details. Further Dates are planned around end October / November. Please check FM dot com again for more live date updates.

August 19



Between the Devil... is N°1 this week at FAC (french alternativ charts)!!!

Now available F/M Shirts also in Girlie and X-large Sizes. Please use the Merchandise Link at Navigation on the right side!

August 03



Between the Devil... is N°1 this week at DAC (german alternativ charts)!!!

Here some informations for the next F/M live show this weekend:

07 August 04: M'era Luna Festival Germany
on Stage 20:30 - 21:30 at Hangar

Important note: changes at the line up, on stage time and venue are possible. A F/M Live Tour is planned for Fall this year, but not confirmed at this time.

The compilation "DAC empfehlen: Advanced Electronics Vol. 3" will be released on oktober 25th and comes with the Hacker Rmx of the F/M Track Freefall.

July 26



The F/M Album "Between The Devil..." is No. 2 at the DAC (german alternativ charts) this week.

Find a article about the F/M Project in July Edition of the german Raveline Magazine:

July 21



some pictures of F/M Arvika Festival Show you'll find on the website of the swedish Zero Music Magazine. Thanks to Stefan @ zero

July 19



The newest issue of Side-Line music magazine out in july 2004 features this time FIXMER/McCARTHY on the cover.

Also find Douglas McCarthy on the cover of the swedish Zero Music Magazine with a story about the F/M project inside!

July 15



The F/M Live Shows for the next days: Summary

15 July 04: The Dour Festival Belgium
on Stage 21:30 - 22:30 at Eclectik Dance Hall

16 July 04: Arvika Festival Sweden
on Stage 01:00 at Apollo

17 July 04: Monegros Desert Festival
on Stage 23:00 at Tentaciones / X Club

Important note: changes at the line up, on stage times and venues are possible.

Further F/M Live Shows are planned for Fall this year!

July 05



You want it - you got it!

the F/M supporters will celebrate the release of "Between The Devil..." on July 23 at Berlin's Werk 9. These event is germany's one and only F/M BTD Record Release Party.

June 26



F/M Coverstory in the july edition of the german alternativ music magazine "sonic seducer".

Have a look on many cool pics from the F/M Berlin Watergate Show on berlin4fun dot com: Berlin, Watergate 19/06/04

June 19



Due to a small delay, the release date of the album vynil will be Monday, June 21.

Read a brand new interview with Douglas on the german website (but only in german):

Fixmer/McCarthy Live Show tonight in Berlin, Germany.

June 06



The F/M Club ep "Freefall/Through A Screen" is No. 2 the at the DAC (german alternativ charts) this week. The DAC voted weekly by over 300 DJs. They are free to vote whatever they like and play. They DAC are printed in lots of magazines. This ep only appears as promotional. A forthcoming release of the ep is very much likely, but not confirmed yet.

June 02



note: the release date september 13 for the F/M album "Between The Devil..." only applies to some countries like Sweden and Spain.

A new Show Date is confirmed. Tinitus Festival Stockholm / Sweden. More Details in the Dates Section available.

May 29



Please read some statements from the new interview with Douglas McCarthy made by the fan community. You will find it in the Media Section

The complete Interview you can read in english language of course on germans >> more

Some new pictures were added in the media section. Please have a look on it. The larger images of the pics will be added soon.

Fixmer/McCarthy Live Show tonight in Leipzig, Germany

May 20



On the WGT Website now available the Line Up Information for the Fixmer/McCarthy Show. They will play on Saturday the 29th May 19:40h at AGRA-Halle. Please have a look on WGT Website for further Line Up Informations.

The guestbook is online again. It's very simple, but it runs! Try it!

May 13



A new Date for the Berlin Show of Fixmer/McCarthy is confirmed now. They will play at the Berlin Watergate Club on June 19th. See also Date Section for Details.

The guestbook will be online next week again.

May 05



a Interview with Terence and Douglas made by the fans is now possible. All about the interview and your support now online. Please visit the german Nitzer Ebb Fanpage for Details! >> more

"Between The Devil..." Releaseinformations now online. For more Details see Discography section!

Fixmer/McCarthy has been signed to Metropolis Records for United States and Canada markets.

The Berlin Festival Show on 3th July is not confirmed!! Maybe there will be another gig in Berlin. More Infos about the new date as soon as i receive more Infos from Terence.

May 01



the SPV label at which the first album of the Project shall be published, goes online with a own Fixmer/McCarthy Artistpage. There can be found the coverartwork, a short bio and tour dates. At the tour dates has to be pointed, that Fixmer/McCarthy will not played on 07.08.04 in Bordeaux, but at this M'era Luna Festival Hildesheim. Note: the Fixmer/McCarthy Artistpage is only in german language available at the moment.

April 23



new Show Date confirm. Mera Luna Festival Hildesheim. More Details in the Dates Section available.

The guys are very much busy at the moment. I therefore ask for your understanding, that some questions listed in the guestbook have no reply at this time. Thank You!

April 20



Wave Gotik Treffen Line Up News:
Fixmer/McCarthy plays live on the 28.May 2004 at the AGRA Halle. The exact Line Up and the exact Playtimes available first on the WGT-Website ( Additional Artists at this Day are: Covenant, Nortern Lite, Funker Vogt, Combichrist, Matore and others. Midnight Special on this Day / in the Night: THE KLINIK as original Line Up and Dresses.

No further Informations about the Berlin Gig!!! Sorry!

April 07


  the guestbook is now online and is still waiting for your feedback...
April 03


  Fixmer/McCarthy Show tonight in Lille, France.
March 29



all the features on now online except the guests section - coming soon

March 27



NOTE: The Album Release Between The Devil ... postpone to end of June or September. More Info soon.

The album Fixmer/McCarthy "Between the Devil..." is planned for the 31.May 2004 on Synthetic Symphony/SPV (Frontline Assembly, Skinny Puppy...) for the CD and on Planete Rouge Rec (distr. Neuton) for the vinyl.

March 25



the Fixmer/McCarthy Website goes online! Welcome!

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